Why Wholesale

Wholesale, what to expect with your items? 

  • Unisex Style - Most of our items are designed for men but all of our pieces are unisex by nature, we believe most of our pieces can be rocked by anybody! 

  • High-Quality Clothing - Grade A and Grade B clothing - With your wholesale order, you can expect a mix of unique and vintage clothing! Our Grade A clothing will make up at least 80% of your order, in excellent condition and our Grade B clothing will make up to 20% of your order, in great condition..

    • Grade A: vintage, new and unique clothing, in excellent condition, you can expect brand names and clothing in used-like new condition.  

    • Grade B: vintage and unique clothing, may have some minor holes and stains that make the piece unique and vintage. Grade B clothing selected because of its value, it’s look and it’s high return. 

    • Vintage Clothing: The value of vintage clothing lies in its journey, from when it was sold, to the value its built over at least 20 years (2000 and earlier). The value of vintage is in its unique state, its rare status, the imperfections that adds to it’s aesthetic look. As a result, vintage clothing will be a mix of both Grade A and Grade B.

  • Sizing - With every wholesale order, we will provide a wide array of sizes from XS to XXXL and occasionally bigger. Every order will be prioritized by sale category but always keep sizes in mind by giving you a variety of sizes so you have a little something for everyone!

  • Why buy Wholesale at The Sally Ann Shop?

    • Quality Finds - We exhausted a variety of sources to find you the best clothes so you don’t have to! We only offer high quality and unique clothing so we can help independent and small businesses get the inventory they want without the uncertainty of finding it. We have direct and priority access to the inventory that all major second hand corporations have with the knowledge of what is in demand. Let us streamline your sourcing so you can focus on selling!

    • Collaboration - We’re a smart partner for your wholesale needs, we ensure that every item you buy, you can turnover for a 50%+ profit. We believe in equal opportunity and collaboration, so we can bring you the best items that you’re proud and excited to sell! We always love to know what you’re looking for!

    • Handpicked - Each item is handpicked by us in a variety of different sources so we can bring you the wholesale value and quality you’re looking for. We stand behind the quality and value of every piece we select for you in our wholesale orders and invite you to discover us as your next source!